Club Organization


Our vacation ownership program is comprised of three parts:
  • The Developer
  • WorldMark, The Club
  • The Manager 
The Developer builds or purchases the resorts and hands them over to WorldMark, The Club debt-free. In exchange, the Developer has the exclusive right to market and sell Vacation Credits (Memberships) that are generated by the new resort units.  The Developer determines how many Vacation Credits are generated by each new unit by assigning Credit Values (how many credits required to occupy each unit) and Season Calendars (how many red, white, and blue weeks per year for the resort). In effect the Club"buys" the new resorts from The Developer by giving The Developer those Credits to sell.

WorldMark, The Club owns the resorts/units in which we as individual owners occupy. We have partial occupancy rights to all WorldMark properties depending on the number of vaction credits owned.  

WorldMark, The Club has no employees and no way to manage the units directly.  Therefore, the Club hires (contracts with) a management company to handle the physical day-to-day management of the properties as well as the operations of the Club (reservation system, financial records, annual election, etc).