Cruise Sweepstakes 2017

WorldMark's Board of Directors is again sending out emails to owners soliciting proxies with a sweepstakes giveaway. Enter the sweepstakes and designate WM Owners, Inc. as your proxy holder. Here's how.

On the form:


Section 1: Name Your Proxy Holder

The first & default option is the Board of Directors. Skip that and select the second option.

Name: WM Owners, Inc.
No phone number or email address is required.  Enter " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " for the email address if you feel compelled to enter something.  WMOwners, Inc. has no phone number and one is not needed.

The reason for the phone number & email address is discussed elsewhere on the discussion forums. Neither is necessary.

Section 2: Select 3 years (preferred) or just for the meeting.


You have entered the contest and assigned your proxy to somebody who will actually vote on behalf of owners and in the best interests of owners..

It is better to select the 3 year proxy assignment because if you forget, or are unable to assign your proxy next year (while relaxing on the cruise you have won), your votes for the 2018 election can be cast by your proxy holder.