WMO has been a great resource for me. By reading the message boards I have learned several ways to maximize my WorldMark ownership, for example;

• How to rent credits from other owners and how to rent out my credits safely
• Renting credits is comparable cost to using bonus time but more flexible
• How to make reservations in hard-to-book resorts
• The ins & outs of exchanges; both Interval International & RCI
• A lot of honest and interesting information about each resort; photos, what to do and see, where to eat

Additionally, I have posted several questions and received quick responses from other owners with different points of view. The WorldMark board has a lot of postings about the resorts, but I’ve found that it is censored by Wyndham, anything slightly negative about the resorts or Wyndham is instantly removed. When Anaheim opened I posted about the high point values, that it was comparable in cost to staying at Disney’s Grand California hotel, but it was instantly deleted.

I have also learned a great deal about Wyndham, and how they are ‘bending’ the rules to make more money at our expense. We need to fight to keep WorldMark what it was when I purchased it.

Wendy O

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