I cant say for sure how I found this gem of a site, but I am so glad that I did! A few years back my husband and I attended a World Mark presentation. We fell in love with the idea of owning property within a days drive, but walked out scratching our heads, “How could it cost so much?”

A few months later, I found WMO. I spent DAYS reading the board, discovering how to buy on the secondary market, and the basics of being a time share owner. Through WMO we eventually found an agent and purchased our first timeshare...well below the cost that we had been quoted from the developer. The day after becoming “owners”, I scoured the WMO boards looking for ways to make Bonus Time work for us, and within the week we were staying at a resort.

WM did give us an option to “try out” on of their resorts for a flat rate fee, and because we had planned a vacation to Victoria B.C. on our calendar, we though we would give WM Victoria a shot. As a newlywed couple, the resort was the most posh place we had ever stayed! The location was amazing! But the outlandish price of being owners, led us to tell WM, “sorry, but thank you for an amazing trip”.

Since then WMO has always been my first stop. From little things about weighing options on where to stay, to connecting with other owners looking to rent out their extra points and housekeeping tokens. I feel it has been a win-win situation for our family. My moto has always been that knowledge is power, and WMO has give me so many ways to gain greater insight into the time share world.
Rebecca L.

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