Here's some of the things I love about WMO.

It's a trusted site I can go to and find any information about my WM membership I need. I like it because it is 'normal' people (like me)(HA!) telling it how it is. If something is not up to par or tricky salespeople and such the info is there.

It feels like a 'family' based site. No one is discriminated against and everyone's point of view is listened to.

It's not scrubbed and changed to what the moderator wants you to hear.

The wealth of information has taught me how my membership works and all the in's and out's of how to do things. I feel I know my membership and how to use it just as good as any other owner on this site. And it is because I learned it all right here. Now Exchanges are another story but I am just getting into exchanges and this is the place I am learning about them. Right now I know very little about them but in time I know I will know enough to use that account also just because of the people and the help they give on this forum.

People are always there to respond to your questions and help with suggestions.

I use it daily but seldom post. I always look at the 'sightings', WM reservations wanted or for rent, and any of the new listings since I last viewed.

I have met people from this forum and consider them some of my best friends. Some were acquaintances and now they are like family.

This site has made my travels fun and exciting because of posts from others who might have been to that location and the places they went to or perhaps ate at.

So mostly I use the Discussion Forum but often if I am going to a new resort I will go into the resort section and read up on those listings. I have used the downloads for the forms also.

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