"We have to keep up the good fight!! I am thankful Matt was willing to throw his hat in the ring! THANK YOU MATT! I also want to thank Robin for his tenacity and getting the mailers out to the membership. I am sure this helped as well. Voter apathy is an issue we need to overcome, I think we are making progress for sure. I also want to thank WMO for their efforts. "

- Fred

"The BOD should be so embarrassed by these numbers. It blatantly shows that Wyndham 'bot' the election with their control. Completely rejecting the popular vote.

Sad. We NEED to continue spreading the word. We need MORE proxies to vote as one block."
- Theresa

"Thank you to Matt, to Robin, and to WMO for all the effort put forth. It is an uphill battle, and until Wyndham is forced to play fair, everything will still be a struggle. I still believe this is the best vacation ownership program out there, and I will help the fight to keep it that way."
- carol_w

2013 Election News

Developer voting power for 2013 increased to 22,550 points from 21,274 points in 2012.

Only 29% of owners participated in the 2013 election. It is easy to assign your proxy on line to WM Owners, Inc. online during the annual election season. Please encourage your fellow WorldMark owners to participate in the 2014 election.



Direct Vote

-Est. Dev. Vote

= Est. Owner Vote

BoD Proxies

Owner Proxies

Total Vote


Matt Shiner 80,529 0 80,529 0 38,802 119,331 119,331
*Geoff Richards 91,984 22,550 69,434 46,606 0 138,590 69,434
*M. Cecila Cuevas 82,807 22,550 60,257 46,606 0 129,413


*Bob Morrison 80,732 22,550 58,182 46,606 0 127,338 58,182
Jack Bowers 13,978 0 13,978 0 0 13,978 13,978
TOTAL 350,030 67,650 282,380 139,818 38,802 528,650 321,182
Discussion of 2013 election results is here.

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