Rick and Misty buy a Timeshare.

Attended a presentation and had a great sales person. We were there for the free gifts and nothing else. Had attended other presentations and were turned off by the high pressure sales. Our sales person was upfront and gave us time alone to talk it over. After 2 hours of mulling the idea over, we bought an 8000 credit membership. Then buyers remorse set it.

After buying we swore to never tell anyone we bought a timeshare. 2 months afterwards we attended an Owners Update at Angels Camp and realized our purchase was golden. At that point we have always had a 1 week (minimum) vacation planned or booked.

Trendwest, oops, I meant WorldMark, opened up are lives to traveling. After vacationing in Hawaii (non-timeshare) we were open to gambling on EBT during peak seasons and have scored Studio, 2Br and 3Br. In fact we visited so often that our Aloha Visa gave us round trip tickets for first class and several coach classes for FREE. To bad Aloha went belly up because we had 2 more first class tickets. Oh well. Not sure how to type Cest la Vie (sp).

We have booked state (California) vacations by hitting open places on bonus time then moving on to the next spot with credits. It has let us vacation in Angels Camp, Solvang, Dolphins Cove, Oceanside, San Diego, Big Bear and back to Angels Camp on a month long boating vacation.

My wife and I also use our time share for work. Misty is an accountant and uses the resorts at Angels Camp and Indio to work on clients taxes. I work as a firefighter and travel in and out of the state for classes. I've hit Monterey, Redmond, and Reno on BT for a number of fire related courses.

We have also given guest BT to our family and friends and it is truly a unique gift. Now we are gifting II and RCI weeks to friends. And now that we are II and RCI members our vacation opportunities have opened up, 2 fold.

After a year or reading and re-reading WMonwers.com discussions about exchanges did I jump in an try my first exchange. So far we have exchanged a blue 1 bedroom for a red 1 bedroom, and Confirm First red week in Key West. I've read on other forums that anything in the Keys was like shooting for the moon and Key West was impossible. I guess I did the impossible and hit the moon with back to back weeks.

So as you have read these are things I like about WorldMark, now everything I dislike about WorldMark can be summed up in 3 words, BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Board needs to have a healthy balance to take care of owners, developers and administration. There are several areas in which a healthy balance can occur; members of the board that are employed currently or previously must not exceed 50% of the chair, Developer credits must be equal to the amount of owner votes. It is given that the developer will always hold more votes than the owners, yet if the board enacted a proposal to count xxx share developer equals x share owner the popular vote of the majority would carry. Proxy votes would carry the same xxx/x values.

Let me use the most recent election to help carry this point across, using (very) round figures, the total votes was in the area of 450,000. The Developer controlled 1/3 of the vote. To balance this out our voting power should be 3 owner votes per 1 developer vote. This would give a fair balance to the owner and developer to grow in harmony in years to come. The Board could then function as one would expect to, balancing the needs for both sides and building the brand of WorldMark.

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