What you should know about voting & assigning your proxy

Votes  Each WorldMark account (membership) receives 1 vote for each block of 5,000 permanent vacation credits owned. For example, a 6,000 credit account receives 1 vote; a 14,000 credit account receives 2 votes; a 15,000 credit account receives 3 votes; an so on. The larger the account, the more votes. This number is the voting power of the account.

Voting Points  The voting power of the account is multiplied by the number of Board positions being elected to determine the number of voting points. In even years 2 board positions are elected; in odd years 3 board positions are elected. Thus, in even year elections a 14,000 credit account has 4 voting points and 6 voting points in odd year elections.
Vote Distribution  You can distribute your votes (2 or 3, as described above) among the candidates, or you can cast all of your votes for a single candidate. To vote all of your votes for a single candidate, mark the same candidate's name in each of the (2 or 3) boxes which contain all of the candidates names.

The candidates receiving the highest number of voting points win. 

Voter Participation  For the 2012 election, the total voting power of all accounts was 543,603. There were 2 Board positions being elected, so the total points eligible to be voted was 1,087,603.
Excluding the Developer's voting points (45,278) there were 321,581 owner voting points cast.

This means that only 30.8% of owner votes were cast, and 69% of owners did not vote!

 There Are
Two Ways to Vote:
-  Vote in person at the annual meeting
-  Designate someone (by proxy assignment) to vote for you

Unlike many Federal & State elections, there are no absentee ballots.  You must vote in person at the annual meeting or, if you cannot attend, you may assign someone to vote for you at the annual meeting.  This person is called a “proxy holder” and must be present at the annual meeting in order to cast your votes.


Any WorldMark owner, or owner entity, can be a proxy holder.  WMOwners, Inc. is a proxy holder as is WorldMark’s Board of Directors.  For reasons stated elsewhere, we encourage you to assign your proxy to WMOwners,Inc. and NOT to WorldMark’s Board of Directors.


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