How to Assign your proxy to WM Owners, Inc.

Wyndham, as The Club's Manager, does a great job with resort maintenance, vacation planning, and owner services. There are some things however that Wyndham, as The Club's Developer and Manager, is doing that compromise the WorldMark model. Many owners are concerned about these subjects:
- Maintenance and housekeeping fees are significantly outpacing cost of living indexes.

- Credits required to occupy our newer resorts are skyrocketing, thereby putting pressure on the fairly-valued resorts in the system.
- Wyndham sales tactics are embarrassingly aggressive and uncomfortable.
WorldMark’s Board of Directors is in a position to influence and correct the direction our Club is taking. Wyndham is spending a lot of time and resources to convince owners that the current makeup of the Board, and path that WorldMark is on, is in your best interest. If you believe that the Board should first and foremost be working for WorldMark, The Club and its Owners, you are certainly not alone. Unfortunately, in the past Wyndham employees have controlled the BOD and election outcomes with the BOD proxies (i.e.proxies assigned by owners to the BOD) and Developer voting power (votes from unsold vacation credits).

What can we all do?

•Do not assign your proxy to the Board of Directors
. Either assign your proxy to WMOwners, Inc to pool true owner voting power, or cast your votes yourself along with others to elect a truely independent candidate.
•Spread the word anyway you can think of. Let your friends know, post on facebook, talk to other owners. Wyndham does not allow effective owner-to-owner communication yet has sent out e-mails to all owners as well as adding pages to Destinations magazine attempting to convince owners that the status quo is good for you.

Please join other owners in banding together for our Club.
Read how you can help elect an independent WorldMark Board of Directors  here.

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