Credit Dilution

Here is an explanation of the concept of credit dilution.  It is a subject important to owners; it is also important to understand...

We can't depend on Wyndham to protect us. They have already shown their game plan; take every penny they can out of WorldMark, regardless of the long term effect. We can't depend on their employees on the WorldMark Board to protect us; they would lose their jobs if they tried. While 2 of the board members are Wyndham eexecutives and 1 is a previous Wyndham executive, we can assume that all 3 are obligated to or greatly influenced (through severance contract or "golden handcuffs" or otherwise) by Wyndham. All we have left is ourselves, and we can do the following:

1 - Educate yourself to the changes going on. Go to and participate in the discussion forum. Even if you only read, you'll became a knowledgeable owner.

2 - Help spread the word. Communicating with 230,000 WorldMark owners is not cheap. Help is needed with funding. Even if you can only contribute one dollar or ten dollars, you'll be involved in the solution.

3 - Elect an independent board of directors. The only solution possible involves electing a board free of influence from Wyndham. That's not an easy task; most owners don't vote. Of those that do, about half give their proxies to the board because they don't know any better. We must educate owners to stop doing that.

4 - Don't split your votes. There are always several independent candidates running for each open seat on the board. While we can't prevent that (nor should we want to), it is important that we not split our vote thereby allowing the incumbent to get re-elected using the Developer votes and BOD held proxies. The only way to prevent that is for owners to participate on and all vote for the same candidates, or to all give our proxies to someone that will do so. You can assign your proxy to WM Owners, Inc. at any time using the downloadable fill-in form available here.

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