Hey all,

I just wanted to tell a little bit about my experience with WMowners.com. A few year back while researching ownership in WorldMark, I discovered wmowners on a google search. I found out pretty quickly that I had hit the "motherload" of unbiased WorldMark information. The forum was extremely helpful in answering questions that I had about the total ownwership cost of WorldMark and how things worked.

After "lurking" for quite some time, I asked a few questions and was pleasantly suprised at how helpful many of the members were. One member in particular helped me tremendously and answered many, many questions for me by private message. I found a reliable reseller here and bought an account on the aftermarket. I have been pleased with my ownership and I check back in at the forum almost daily for the latest WorldMark information.

I became interested in WorldMark primarily for the use of the Red River location. Cost analysis spreadsheets posted on WMowners.com were very helpful in making my decision . After my purchase, I then became very interested in what other vacation options were available to me, so I spent alot of time in the resort information areas. I'm now progressing to the wide world of exchanging. I'm excited to be using my first exchange reservation this summer...all with information I've learned at WMowners.com.

North Texas

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