I was a worldmark owner for about 3 years before I really started reading wmowners forum. For me it was when I became interested in doing exchanges that I felt I needed the support and help of other wm owners. Worldmark itself, I never found too challenging to figure out how to get the most from our credits. We live in Vancouver so not many resorts are within easy driving distance to us. However, we do use bonus time a lot and have enjoyed it.

We had talked about II or RCI for some time, but what really was the deciding factor to join was planning a trip to Hawaii. What I discovered was that there were not a lot of options (actually none unless you have travel share) in Oahu!
Being a newbie to exchange is really difficult. There is just so much to learn. Wmowners forum is an amazing place for me for a number of weeks while I tried to figure out the “art of exchange”. Don’t get me wrong, I may now be able to do an exchange but I am no “artist”. Wmowners continues to be an amazing place for me every day. I am addicted to the site. I learn something new, pretty much every time sign on.
The most incredible thing about the forum is the number of wmowners that actually respond to your questions so timely!!!! It was pretty exciting to ask a question and have the advice of 3 or 4 “exchange artists” within minutes some times. All of the responses are respectful, even if the question was dumb or the answer is posted somewhere and I missed it. Wmowners on this forum like to help out the newbies, and actually celebrate their accomplishments with them. Which is very cool.

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