When the official Worldmark forum was shut down by Trendwest due to negative owner comments, little did the Developer know they had started many of us on a journey that would lead to honesty, transparency and a depth of knowledge unsurpassed for Worldmark Owners. WMOwners.com was born!

Our discussions are not censored, unless you choose to use bad language – ROFL! , or make political/religious statements. We can talk resale/rental of credits with pricing and chat about any problems we have encountered with resort locations; good service, as well as poor! We also manage to hi-jack many threads for a laugh and joke! What a wonderful refreshing change!

Best of all, we have many knowledgeable owners who like nothing better than to help other owners with answers to specific questions posed. This is the only Worldmark forum I know where there is always someone willing to take the time to help answer traveling questions and needs. Education on how to make the most of a Worldmark membership is excellent. Every area of membership is covered.

Importantly, we keep a close eye on what our developer does, ensuring our forum knows what is going on with our Club. I always like to tell folks “WE are the owners, not the Developer”. It is very important to remember that fact! Do the developers make some good decisions? Yes, of course. But we know when a bad decision has been made and take as much action as we can to help counter those bad decisions.

Throughout the years of participation here, I have been amazed at the depth of information that comes on the threads. I remember seeing plans and photos of resorts under construction. Photos of Anaheim as it was being built, (we have a great sleuthing team), discussion of the Council Minutes from Indio, where our developers had “offered” Council the opportunity to charge an occupancy tax, information as to where new resorts are being considered, resorts under renovation, the definition of what a “closed club” means, plus many more amazing facts.

We’ve been able to debunk the rhetoric of many Wyndham salesmen.

We knew ahead of the game that something important was coming down the line. When TravelShare came into being, we were able to get all the new information copied and posted here quickly for discussion. When a lawsuit against TravelShare was registered in San Jose, we kept everyone advised of the proceedings and will continue to do so as this evolves.

I am so very grateful to have had WMOwners.com in my life! Being retired, and with the knowledge gained on this forum, we are able to take off on vacation for many weeks at a time. I feel blessed to own Worldmark, but extra blessed to participate here and glean how to use our membership to the fullest.

Thank you WMOWNERS.COM ! It has been a real pleasure participating on this forum!!



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