I have been a reader of Worldmark information for quite a while. Before, there was the Worldmark forum( which was different than the one today) that I would visit for information. As all things do change so did that forum and was created by some very inspiring individuals. I come to wmowners often and refer many owners to this sight as it is of value to me. I am a reader, and at times a responder.

Tips of how to use my points, the discussions of the resorts that I am planning on visiting, exciting sights to visit, recommendations for restaurants, deals to be had close to a resort, news on developments at the resorts close to me, the heads up on sightings that I can try and get in on, and the information on what I need to know but I really wouldn't have a clue to ask the right questions on, as I wouldn't know about it until I read the forums are a few reasons that I am here.
I love seeing the photos that are displayed from other's trips and the fact that owners will take pictures of the various units at most of the resorts. Often the first stop I make when I am considering a resort I haven't been to yet is a visual tour of the units from owners photo albums.
Reading stories from owners of trips to resorts, hearing about their adventures is worthwhile to me as those truly could be experiences I might enjoy. Figuring the best method of travel and the bargains on various modes of transportation has proved to be valuable $$.  But most of all, at the end of the day when I am checking my emails, doing my bills, dealing with the everyday ins and outs of life, I slip into the forum and I dream, plan, figure and calculate the next five trips we are going to take and anything I need to know, always thinking 13 months out.

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